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Colne Annual Report

Colne Annual Report

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Traditionally, the humble annual report delivers information to stakeholders in an expected format – reporting on the past year and the way forward for the next 12 months. Sometimes an organisation invests its energies and resources, and creates something that truly stands out. But, once our attention has been piqued, the report is soon forgotten.

We believe that annual reports can be much more powerful, that they can be living documents that act as a catalyst for conversation, collaboration and change.

This was our starting point when we were approached by Sarah Cawley, Head of Communications and Marketing at Colne, to design their annual report. After defining what Colne wanted to achieve through their annual report, we explored the further possibilities. Discussing and challenging ideas that would create a dynamic annual report, one that lived on and grew for over the next 12 months.

We developed the idea of creating a report that invited and listened to honest, unfettered opinion and expertise from within Colne and also from a broad range of people both inside and outside the housing sector. People like David Orr, Chief Executive of the Housing Federation and Will Quince, MP for Colchester through to Martin Wheatley, a strategic advisor and Kelly Marven, a Colne resident.


The report is presented as a series of 2-3 min videos hosted on the Colne website. Individual broadcasts were assembled for specific audiences and because the content of the report is often quite serious we punctuated the broadcasts with 7 second idents which show that despite the seriousness of their work, Colne is a fun place to work. To support the video’s we created a range of assets like HTML email templates, branded social media graphics and imagery that Colne can add messaging to, to use across printed and digital media.

The result are some interesting and sometimes contentious views. Opinions that Colne have listened to and taken on board, but more importantly, views and opinions that have begun to spark conversation, debate and the sharing of new bold ideas.

See the site and videos here