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Inside the minds of Charles and Ray Eames

Inside the minds of Charles and Ray Eames

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On Monday the Atticus team embarked on an adventure into the creative and wondrous minds of Charles and Ray Eames. Held at the Barbican the exhibition explores the creative process of the couple and how they looked at everything differently. From creating beautifully plywood splints to be used in the war or to elegantly crafted plane noses.

I had always known Eames as a chair designer and perhaps that is what he became famous for, but the way in which the Eameses approached projects inspired me to look at all things and wonder how they could be done differently. A personal highlight was experiencing the multimedia, multiscreen Eames office created for the IBM Pavilion. In simplest terms it is an arrangement of screens which show different aspects of a story. But the application of this was incredible. Your eyes are transfixed on the centre screen and occasionally your eyes drift to the outer screens to see some more detail form the story but always going back to the main screen. I sat and watched this for over 20 minutes without looking away. It was a great example of taking something we all use and looking at it differently.

Ironically the main chair that everyone would recognise as being Eames was less impressive after delving into their lives and seeing just how ground breaking and forward thinking they really were. The exhibition is on until February 2016. I would recommend to anyone. Find out more here.