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Mears Student Life

Mears Student Life

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Remember that feeling. You had it all (maybe you still do), you were young and the world was full of possibilities. I’m talking about your first week at University, starting a new adventure and a whole new experience. It’s a blank canvas and you have the brush. That’s the feeling we wanted to express when it came to Mears Group’s new venture into the student housing sector. When we researched the competition and spoke to the target audience (students and parents) we got a sense of what needed to be portrayed. In a world led by short 15-20 second snapchats of daily life we knew the brand had to be flexible, free and reflect student life in an honest and somewhat uncompromising fashion.

Starting with the development of a positioning statement – ‘Having all the freedom of being an adult without the responsibility’, the final brand design clearly stands out from its competition. It’s a brand that speaks to both the parent (bill payers) and students (consumers), connecting with them on a level that meets their deepest aspirations. Student life is built upon experiences that makes the university different and unique to each one of us.

This is an honest ‘warts and all’ brand for students who understand that life is not a glossy brochure… it really is much more exciting than that.

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