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What’s in a brand name

What’s in a brand name

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Picture this. You’ve decided to go it alone, embark on a new journey, and start your own company. You have a great product or service and you can’t wait to get started. But what do you call your new business? What brand name will you choose?

Something people love to do when naming their business, is putting the name of their service/product in the company name.

Roberts Dry Cleaning
Perfect yeah?

But hang on a second, down the road is David’s Dry Cleaning. And don’t forget Jane’s Dry Cleaning in the next street. OK, Lets add in the location to help with web searches.

Roberts Dry Cleaning, London
Catchy right?

Tell you what, lets add a cherry on the cake. As you are the best of the bunch

Roberts Dry Cleaning Specialists, London.
Now we’ve cracked it.

This name is functional, and, as a famous brand once said, ‘It does exactly what it says on the tin’. There’s nothing wrong with this and if I’m looking for a dry cleaning service and I don’t want an average one, then of course this works. However, it lacks imagination, a story, distinction and memorability. Sure, everyone knows what you do but will they ever remember your brand? I very much doubt it.

There are lots of naming formats available out there to inspire you including compounds, blends, made up and tweaked. So why would you limit yourself to just your name, service and location?

Recently, I was listening to a report on the radio the other day about internet security and it struck me that the presenter couldn’t even pronounce the name of the company he had been asked to comment on. Why would you make it even harder for your new business to gain awareness and establish itself by choosing a name that people can’t even pronounce?

Alternative Amazon and Apple logos

Your company name is an important element of your brand, just like your logo, your language and your imagery so why wouldn’t you give it the attention it deserves. Make it work for you.

Imagine if Apple had called themselves ‘Californian Computers’, do we really think that it would have the same magic appeal that it has today? Or if Amazon called themselves ‘Any product delivered anywhere’.

There are so many great examples of company names that are distinct, creative and relevant such as Nike – ‘Winged Goddess of Victory’, totally relevant, simple and memorable. Brilliant. And then there is Virgin. We all know logically that this is now a monster corporate machine, but the name still evokes the feeling of rebellion and anti establishment. These names stay with you because they burn a place in your memory with the feelings they provoke.

Nike and Virgin logos

I’m not saying that the company name is everything, its not, it is one part of the many vectors of your brand. But it certainly deserves a reasonable level of consideration.