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Another giant leap for biomass monitoring

Another giant leap for biomass monitoring

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Aber Instruments sets the standard by which success is measured. Renowned as the global providers of cell capacitance sensors to both the Biotech and Brewing sectors, purpose and integrity lie at their core.

The employee-owned business catapulted themselves into the new year with the launch of their single-use capacity sensor for single-use bioreactors – otherwise known as Futura Neo.

Single-use bioreactors are fast becoming a norm within the industry as they save a lot of time during the stages of production. Exclusively designed for Thermo Scientific single-use bioreactors, the pioneering product is a giant leap for single-use capacitance systems and the very first of its kind.

Spanning over 15 weeks, the comprehensive campaign echoes Aber’s primary principles of collaboration, innovation and optimisation. We used animated language and bold messaging to challenge convention and differentiate from their competitors, who by contrast tend to focus their attention more on product functionality.

Working on a global scale, we helped to define audiences and clear call-to-actions, in addition to deploying marketing material across social media channels, HTML emails, sector publications and creating advertisements both digital and video.

Having first developed their brand proposition in 2019, it has been a pleasure working with the team at Aber on one of their most exciting projects to date.

The future is here.

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