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Shimmer Blue

Shimmer Blue

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Established in Cape Town, Shimmer Blue is the epitome of effortless, elegant simplicity. Beautifully crafted to suit the everyday modern woman, the contemporary lifestyle brand sources sustainable materials for enhanced comfort and durability. Most notably, community lies at their core, which they demonstrate by regularly utilising local businesses wherever possible to invest back into the economy. 

Their beliefs mean everything to them, and that’s why they tailor their clothing towards installing empowerment and confidence in all women. This message is echoed throughout every single aspect of Shimmer Blue – from their diligent team of employees to the carefully curated fabrics and designs, the brand is adamant in their efforts to help every woman’s inner beauty shine through.

Using these insights, we worked together to develop the brand’s core purpose and create a striking design that perfectly illustrates Shimmer Blue’s dynamic attitude, humble nature and sparkling personality.