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Mears internal branding


The Red Thread initiative has a very specific purpose, delivering the goal – making people smile. But, for an organisation with 23,000+ spread across the UK, the goal isn’t that simple. With such a broad audience we had to find a way to engage people. We created a character that personifies the values and behaviours of Red Thread. However, the initiative needed to be launched in a short time frame, so we launched the brand in 2 phases.

We developed a system of graphic assets and illustrations, and a style that is memorable and distinctly Mears. The system was applied to materials including an interactive story-telling presentation that charts Mears journey from its humble beginnings to present day.

Phase 2 was all about revealing the Red Thread personality, Mearsy. Showing staff how Red Thread practically benefits their day-to-day lives. Through thoughtful, clever and engaging communications, Mearsy helps staff in practical and relevant ways. It’s tone is down to earth and open, inviting feedback and comment. Mearsy is used in and around the employee’s everyday environment, from the office through to the vans. Living and communicating through print and digital media, Mearsy is having a significant impact embedding the Red Values and behaviours.

Social Value
While Red Thread is solely internal, Mears Social Value works across both external and internal audiences to inspire involvement through serving the community. The brand needed a distinct look, but had to visually connect to Red Thread and the Mears parent brand. We created a series of icons which when brought together illustrate the power and success of involvement.